Health, Safety, Quality & Environment System Management Plan

With safety as our top priority, everything we do revolves around this element. All of our employee attend regular monthly updates and training on safety policies and procedures, and standards within the industry.

We conduct daily prestart safety meetings before any work begins on site, with the leading hand or supervisor conducting a thorough safety analysis to ensure that work is carried out with a focus on zero harm to our crew, customers and the property which we are working around.

We have a Health Safety Quality & Environment Policy in place and conform to Australian Standards, as well as having our own System Management Plan and Traffic Management Plan.

Our Safe Work Method Statements and Daily Prestart Check Job Safety Analysis are used at each site.

Our business is a vegetation management company specialising in the assessing and cutting of Distribution and Transmission powerline assets. BJ & BJ Murphy Contracting are committed to the health and safety of all our employees and people affected by our activities and strive to be acknowledged leader in all aspects of Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment field.

Our goal is to have an injury free workplaces, facilities and operations. BJ & BJ Murphy Contracting will work to identify and eliminate hazards, practices, dangerous situations and any behaviour that could cause accidents, illnesses, or damage to employees, contractors, property, equipment, general public and the environment.

Our Policy – To achieve and maintain this we will:


  • Pursue our ultimate goal of zero harm to people and the environment;
  • Develop and review measurable objectives and targets that promote continuous improvement of our environmental, quality, health and safety systems and performance;
  • Comply with and where practical exceed relevant regulatory, statutory and other requirements applicable to the Company;
  • Provide our people and contractors with appropriate induction into the business and the necessary training and supervision to perform their roles;
  • Seek to understand our customer needs, meet their reasonable requirements and aim for total customer satisfaction;
  • Effectively consult and communicate with our people and contractors to obtain ane agreed approach to the control of workplace hazards and prevention of unsafe practices;
  • Commit to the accurate reporting and recording of all workplace incidents’ by all managers, employees and subcontractors;
  • Prevent pollution and minimise any adverse effects our operations may have on the environment;
  • Monitor and evaluate our safety, quality and environmental systems, compliance and performance through regular audit programs’
  • Periodically review our policies and procedures to maintain their relevance.
To implement this policy, all managers are expected to provide leadership on health, safety, quality and environment matters, and demonstrate their commitment through their actions.

All employees and subcontractors are required to conduct their work in a manner that does not compromise our policies and goals for health and safety, quality and the environment.

Training & Qualifications

All employees have completed Certificate II in ESI Powerline Vegetation Control (UET20312) in March 2015.

New employees are required to attend initial training which covers the minimum requirements for employees, this includes:

Operate machinery & Equipment (Chipper/Mulcher), Level 1 Chainsaw – Operate & Maintain, Manual Handling, Hearing Conservation, Basic Fire Safety, Chemicals User, Authorised Recipient working near Electrical Network Infrastructure, Safe Approach Distances & ESI Greenbook, VESI environmental Framework & VESI Safety Framework (Health & Safety), Amenity Tree Pruning Techniques & Perform Above Ground Pruning, Whitecard – Construction Induction, Road Traffic Management at Work Sites (Traffic Management Plan & Traffic Control Stop-slow bat), First Aid Level 2 (ESI Environment)

We have experienced crews trained in Level 2 Chainsaw – Fell Small Trees, Level 3 Chainsaw – Fell Trees with Advanced Techniques & Removed Trees in Confined Spaces.

Our EWP Operators are trained and require EWP WorkSafe High Risk Work Licence, VESI EWP Escape & Rescue.

Our Climbers undertake Standard Climbing Techniques & Undertake Aerial Rescue (Climbers).

We employ a number of arborists, qualified in the assessment of Hazardous Trees.

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